About Us

  • Project Xerofitus LLC is in complete charge of the logistic, schedule, design, development, and lawn maintenance of your yard or garden. We have as a means to promote the endurance and quality of each and every project executed.
  • Our approach is the development of creative and innovative designs, transforming simple landscapes, into a whole new vivid and stylish landscape which will represent your home.

We are a company specialized in the design and maintenance of landscapes.

Since our development as a small family business in 1990, time has spoken and hard work has finally flourished. Resulting on a constant gathering of experience and knowledge for more than 25 years.
Therefore, giving us the opportunity of standing out not only on our home country, Venezuela, but also on the greatness of Miami, FL.

We strongly believe that our success has been built
by our responsibility, compromise, and most
important, person to person customer service.

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